doPDF 11.6 Build 126 Unduh versi lengkap Terbaru 2022

doPDF 11.6 Build 126 Unduh versi lengkap Gratis Terbaru Version Download 2022

Download doPDFdoPDF merupakan sebuah aplikasi yang akan membantu anda untuk membuat file pdf dari file word yang anda punya. Dengan menginstal aplikasi ini anda dapat menyimpan file word yang anda punya menjadi file pdf tanpa perlu repot-repot lagi. Aplikasi ini akan langsung ada di menu print program microsoft word yang terinstal di pc atau laptop anda. Jadi ketika anda membuat file word, lalu ingin menyimpannya dalam bentuk pdf, anda tinggal mengklik print, lalu mengubah pilihan menjadi save to pdf. Maka otomatis file word tersebut akan tersimpan dalam file pdf secara langsung.

Program ini merupakan aplikasi freeware yang memang dibagikan secara gratis oleh developernya. Jadi disini anda tidak perlu lagi menggunakan crack maupun patch untuk dapat menggunakan fitur dari aplikasi  ini.


hat is the use of doPDF?

doPDF lets PC users create PDFs from printable documents. You can convert DOC, DOCX, HTML, PPT, PPTX, PUB, PUBX, TXT, XLS, XLSX, etc. The PDF converter lets you develop searchable PDF archives and the PDF texts can be searched by using the search engine.

You can choose from over 50 predefined page size formats to save your PDFs: ANSI, ARCH, Legal, Letter, etc. Plenty of elements can be customised and the printing resolution can be set based on your needs. Also, you can select the page scale percentage and whether you want your PDF to be displayed in landscape or portrait page orientations.

doPDF integrates into the Microsoft Office Suite apps like: ExcelOutlookPowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, and Word. The doPDF add-in for Microsoft Office lets you conveniently use doPDF.

How do you use doPDF?

Depending on the third-party program, a doPDF tab will appear in the Microsoft Office user interface. With this add-in, you can save files as PDFs with one click, along with plenty of other features. You can click on the ‘Addin option settings’ button to further set up the integration.

doPDF uses the virtual printer driver to convert PDFs instead of print physical pages and can print the PDF after the conversion. doPDF works with your default PDF viewer to open the resulting PDF.

The doPDF printer will need to be selected from the dropdown menu. You can press ‘Print’ to launch the new PDF file. Another method to create a PDF doc is in ‘Getting Started’. This is located in the intuitive tabbed user interface. The first tab lets you generate PDFs and you can click the ‘Browse’ button to find your preferred file to convert.

The ‘Create’ button lets you make a PDF from the file that you choose. This window will appear after both the printer and startup methods. You can choose the file size by selecting to save the resolution of the PDFs as either small, medium, or high-quality. Additionally, you can save all your records to the same folder.

You can embed fonts, formulas, images, and tables that are used in the archive to make sure that your PDF will be correctly converted. A ‘Preferences’ section lets you add document information and the ‘Change’ button helps with indexing. The documment information will appear in the metadata of the PDF viewer and you can include an author, keywords, title, etc.

Simple service to create PDFs

While doPDF is a PDF printer, the service does not use paper to establish PDF files. Your saved PDFs will appear in your PDF viewer on the desktop screen. While Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is considered the best industry-standard PDF converter, doPDF is a free alternative with a high user rating and is also a lightweight app.

What’s new?

The developers recommend that you keep your software version up to date and doPDF includes a convenient automatic updater. You can customise the frequency of your updates to be scheduled daily, monthly, or weekly. You can also disable the update checker to manually update your software to the latest version at your discretion.

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doPDF 11.6 Build 126 (44 Mb)


doPDF 11.6 Build 126 (44 Mb)

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